Founded in 1978, D&L Concrete and Fiberglass Products Ltd. (D&L) is a family owned and operated company specializing in the design and manufacturing of above and below grade liquid storage containers for the water and wastewater industry. Innovation is D&L’s core competence, rooted in their heritage on the cutting edge of the water and wastewater industry. They strive to bring the very best in experience, workmanship, quality raw materials and technology into their products to provide customers with the assurance of a long trouble free service life for the intended product.


D&L is strategically networked within Canada’s leading water/wastewater suppliers and is intimately familiar in the properties and applications of most commercially available composite fibers, resins, and liners as well as concrete manufacturing practices and the benefits of combining both composite and concrete manufacturing.


D&L’s expertise is underscored by their recent role in the manufacturing of wastewater treatment systems for both commercial and residential applications. It is their greatest concern to bring the very best workmanship for all products manufactured. A close relationship has been established with Waterloo Biofilter, developing and manufacturing the latest in wastewater treatment and disposal systems. With D&L and Waterloo’s equal goals of bringing cost effective quality products to consumers, it has led to such a demand that D&L has expanded its manufacturing facility into Davidson Saskatchewan to serve Western Canada, while the manufacturing facility in Manitoba continues to serve the eastern provinces.